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Our Partners

PACE works with various partners including the Ministry of Health to implement its programs under the key health areas in Uganda. Follow the link below to learn more about our partners

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PACE has a number of publications as regards  its various programs such as annual reports, articles,  field reports and much more, in this section read about our studies and other national publications,policies that impact Health

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PACE has over the years been recognized for its impact on meeting sara's need in the different health areas. The awards and recognition are reflective of both national and international nods. follow the link below to discover what are some of these awards.

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Program updates

PACE Northern region team hosts visiting DFID Officals .

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Our health interventions

PACE implements various health interventions across Uganda, mainly from the key health impact areas

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Family Planning

PACE has been providing family planning services to improve people's lives, see how we have changed lives

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Success Stories-voices from the community

Read interesting stories from the field on how PACE has met Sara's need. At PACE Sara represents the 50-60% of Ugandans who use the private health sector for their needs. She represents both genders. Follow the link below to read and discover their experiences More stories >>>

Health Impact
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