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The ProFam social franchise consists of a network of 200 clinics in 54 districts
all over Uganda, providing accessible and affordable quality reproductive
and maternal health services 

Social Franchising

In times of emergency, the village ambulance is able to transport expectant mothers
to receive life-saving care for themselves, and their babies.

Village Ambulance saving lives

PACE has worked to improve the health status of people living with HIV/AIDS
in Uganda through provision of the Basic Care Package (BCP)
and promoting the Positive Living Lifestyle.

Caring for People living with HIV

PACE - Interventions For Health Impact

Programme for Accessible health Communication and Education-PACE is a local non-governmental organisation implementing health interventions in partnership with the Ministry of Health in the areas of HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health, as well as WASH.

Our Progress/Impact

MSD for Ugandan Mothers

We are working to improve maternal health through innovative partnerships and interventions in 142 privately owned clinics in more than 40 districts in Uganda.

PACE makes it easier for people in Uganda to lead healthier lives and plan the families they desire by socially marketing affordable products and services.