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Uganda has a maternal mortality rate of 360 deaths for every 100,000 (WHO, 2014) live births. While the number is down from 438 deaths per 100,000 live birts (UDHS,2011), there is still work to be done. PACE, in support of the Ministry of Health vision, is working with the private health sector, primarily through the ProFam franchise of clinics to provide access to quality, accessible and  affordable maternal health services.

The MSD for Ugandan Mothers (MUM) Project


From 2013 to 2016, PACE with support from MSD for Mothers implemented a 3 year project aimed at making maternal health care in the private health sector accessible, affordable and of good quality. Under the MUM Project, PACE worked with partners like Transaid, Save for Health Uganda and the Association of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Uganda (AOGU) to tackle the three delays that contribute to maternal morbidity and mortality: the delay in decision to seek care, delay in reaching care, and delay in receiving adequate health care. The project is transitioning into a sustainable social franchise, Tunza, aimed at providing affordable, quality care, while remaining a viable enterprise for the private health facility owners.


Clean Delivery Kits


PACE produces and distributes and average of 40,000 Clean Delivery Kits (CDKs) annually. These CDKs branded PACE Maama Kit, contain essential items for a clean and safe delivery by mothers including cotton wool, a plastic sheet, a preparation sheet, cord ties, surgical blades, surgical gloves, a child health card and soap.  The PACE Maama Kit is primarily purchased by relief agencies working with refugees and other vulnerable populations, but is also sold in the general trade mainly through pharmacies and fast moving consumer goods outlets like supermarkets.

In 2016, the PACE Maama kit has been expanded to include chlorhexidine for umbilical cord care following approval of use by the Ministry of Health.

The Maverick Collective Project


PACE, in 2016, began implementing a project whose goal is to improve maternal and newborn care in Uganda by availing misoprostol for postpartum hemorrhaging (PPH), and chlorhexidine for umbilical cord care in both the public and private health sector.

PACE is socially marketing Misoprostol and Umbi-gel (chlorhexidine) to ensure that every mother has a chance to protect her life and that of her newborn baby. In addition, health education about the two commodities in communities to increase awareness about prevention of PPH and cord care for newborn babies. This project will be implemented in the districts of Mukono, Luweero, Mpigi, Mubende and Buikwe in Central Uganda