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The ProFam franchise is a network of over 170 privately owned health clinics in over 54 districts in Uganda that offer holistic healthcare for the entire family. These clinics are owned mostly by practising or retired midwives, nurses, nursing assistants, and in a few cases, medical doctors.

Social franchising: PACE started supporting this network of clinics in 2008 focusing on social franchising the provision of family planning services, especially long acting reversible contraception. With social franchising, PACE is applying the commercial franchising model to provide accessible, affordable and quality health services with the end goal of promoting positive healthy behaviours. Currently, the socially franchised services under ProFam include family planning services, Post Abortion Care, maternity health services including antenatal care, safe delivery and postnatal care; and cervical cancer screening and preventive treatment using cryotherapy.

High quality of services: PACE supports these clinics to increase access to quality and affordable life saving services essential for women and children.To ensure quality of services provided, the clinics are carefully selected based on minimum quality standards. Providers are trained and given quality standards to match. They then receive support supervision and are audited to ensure that they adhere to the quality standards and best practices shared.

Benefits accorded to franchise members:

  • Training in best practices in the areas of reproductive, child and maternal health service provision including infection control.
  • Equipment, commodities and supplies at a subsidised price, which translates into a reduced price in services provided to Sara.
  • Branding as a seal of quality approval
  • Support in demand creation for the health services by training interpersonal communication agents.
  • Business skills training to empower them to manage their finances and grow their clinics to profitable entities.

Sustainability: Currently, the ProFam franchise is being sustained by third party funding, and business skills mentorships for the clinic owners to consolidate their franchise benefits to maximise profits. PACE is currently implementing a sustainable social franchise model called Tunza.