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PACE brings the MSD for Ugandan Mothers (MUM) project to a close

October 21st 2016 

More than 53,000 mothers have delivered safely in small, private-sector facilities over the last four years since the launch of the MSD for Ugandan Mothers (MUM) project. Through the MUM project, providers work to ensure that pregnant women—particularly those in remote and low-income communities—have access to affordable, quality maternal health products and services through the ProFam network of privately-owned franchise clinics.

This comprehensive project also works beyond the clinic setting by helping women overcome common barriers to care, such as cost, transportation and limited supplies. The MUM project includes 142 health facilities in 42 districts in Uganda—covering more than one-third of the country—and access to quality care which has impacted an estimated 130,000 women.

Recognizing the opportunity to improve maternal health in Uganda, the MUM project worked with small midwife-owned facilities that are often closest and therefore, the first facilities that mothers reach when in labor. The Programme for Accessible health, Communication and Education (PACE), the lead implementing partner of the MUM project, worked with many of these facilities since 2008 through its social franchise network, ProFam. The ProFam franchise is a network of private sector healthcare providers that provide high quality health services at affordable prices under a common brand.

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