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PACE adopts the Total Market Approach to grow the condom market by increasing efficiency in how different target groups are reached by different partners. This includes supporting the ministry of health to ensure that the free condoms reach the poor who may not afford private sector condoms as well as ensuring that the subsidized condoms are not targeting those who can afford commercial brands.

With support from the Civil Society Fund (CSF), PACE rolled out the Condom Social Marketing programme that has seen the scope of distribution increase nationwide. TRUST is now a growing brand whilst at the same time PACE is contributing to positioning condoms on the whole, as safe and effective HIV prevention option. The latter has involved continued close collaboration and programme implementation with the Ministry of Health.

Trust Condom promotion targets sexually active men and women aged 18-49yrs through a number of complementary interventions and activities. These included the use of rig trucks, pool tournaments, radio talk shows and spot placements,boda boda training amongst others to raise awareness of the brand and to enhance the skills of high risk groups in using them.

On the supply side, PACE continues to partner with selected distributors across the country who received their stock directly from the PACE warehouse and supply wholesalers and eventually retailers along the distribution chain. Trust distributes about 8million condoms a year.