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Economic Empowerment to Address Gender Based Violence for Vulnerable Girls and Women 

PACE at the World Malaria Day Scientific Conference on 21 to 22 April, 2022

PACE Team at the 1st TB marathon in Uganda on 13 March, 2022 

An Adolescent girl from Dokolo District sharing her success story during the recent PACE Board- Ministry of Health engagement in Kampala. 

A PACE Project Officer facilitating a dialogue to address the barriers limit access to contraceptives among the youth in Dokolo district. 

PACE - Interventions For Health Impact

PACE -Programme for Accessible health, Communication and Education is a local non-governmental organization that implements programs aligned to the ministry of health. PACE  is an innovative, efficient and impact-oriented organization that works towards realizing a community of Ugandans empowered to sustain healthy behavior, while significantly contributing to Ministry of Health (MoH) priority health areas including HIV/AIDS, malaria, WASH, child health and reproductive health.

COVID19 Let us end it together

COVID19 Let us end it together

Keep social Distance at all times
Put on your Mask at all times
Wash hands with water and Soap or Sanitize at all times

Our Programmes

Malaria Prevention & Treatment

Malaria remains one of Uganda’s biggest public health problems. PACE has for the last five years, worked with the Ministry of Health (MoH)

HIV Prevention, Care & Treatment

PACE is keen on reducing the number of new infections of HIV in Uganda. In 2014/15, there were 84000 new infections of HIV, down from 91000 new infections.

Reproductive Maternal Newborn Child & Adolescent Health

Maverick Collective Project was an expansion pilot implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Health. It was funded by Population Services International

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)

1 in 3 people globally don’t have access to safe drinking water. They have water, it just isn’t safe to drink. The water related illnesses near our projects include cholera, typhoid, dysentery and worms.

GBV Programming at PACE

PACE’s core mandates is to address these gender-related structural vulnerabilities through provision of integrated client centred GBV programs

Tuberculosis Programming at PACE

For the last 10 years, PACE has enhanced demand creation for Tuberculosis (TB) prevention and treatment services.

Our Progress/Impact

Geographical Coverage for PMI Malaria Reduction Activity


PACE and Engineers Without Boarders (EWB) disseminate WASH Assessment Results

On Thursday 30th June 2022, a dissemination workshop was held at hotel Africana bringing together a wide range of stakeholders ...
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PACE Uganda participates in the 7th Buganda Women’s convention

PACE participated in the 7th Buganda Women’s convention (Ttabamiruka W’abakyala mu Buganda) held on 13th May 2022 in Lubiri Mengo ...
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PACE exhibits the solar sack at the Buganda environment week 2022

PACE was privileged to participate in the two days Buganda Environment week exhibition at Lubiri Mengo which ran under the ...
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Our Partners