GBV Programming at PACE

Violence against children and women is on the increase in Uganda. According to the recent 2020 annual police crime report, of the 18,872 people who were victims of Domestic Violence, 13,145 (75.9%) were female. There was an increase in defilement cases by 3.8% from 13,613 cases reported in 2019 to 14,134. One of PACE’s core mandates is to address these gender-related structural vulnerabilities through provision of client centred GBV programs, adopting comprehensive and inclusive approaches that tackle the root causes, transform harmful social norms, and empower vulnerable children and women and girls. The life skills SASA, journey plus, DREAMS, SINOVUYO, Steppingstones sessions, vocational skilling, cash transfers, VSLAs, innovation and entrepreneurial solutions have given a second chance to over 20,000 young girls and women live better lives.

It is worth noting that PACE has incorporated gender and human rights policies in its employee manual that recognize the rights of all individuals. PACE commits to ensure that all its employees regardless of gender have equitable access to, and benefit from PACE’s resources, opportunities and rewards and have an equal participation in decision making. PACE has instituted a mechanism in which staff can address concerns of discrimination.