Maverick Collective Project

Maverick Collective Project was an expansion pilot implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Health. It was funded by Population Services International (PSI) under the Maverick collective umbrella.

The project aimed at contributing to a reduction in maternal mortality and neonatal mortality in Uganda. It used a cost effective community distribution model whereby Comprehensive Clean Delivery Kits (C-CDKs) which are mama kits containing misoprostol tablets and chlorhexidine for prevention of PPH and neonatal sepsis respectively are delivered to the pregnant women to improve on birth outcomes for both the mother and the new born who are the target audience.The project was implemented through existing community structures such as the district health system using the district logistics and the distribution system and village health teams.

The Ministry of Health, task force members and the district stake holders were engaged to create an enabling environment for the introduction and the distribution of C-CDK containing misoprostol and chlorhexidine.

PACE engaged village health teams (VHTS) who mapped pregnant women and passed on information, education and communication (IEC) to use the C-CDK using different interpersonal communication skills.

11,840 C-CDKs were packed and distributed at the 25 public health facilities. A total of 232 health providers and 392 VHTs were trained in use of misoprostol for PPH prevention and chlorhexidine gel for newborn cord care in the 5 implementing districts.