Project Name: Post Distribution Monitoring of Long Lasting Insecticide Nets

Funder: Against Malaria Foundation

Project Duration: 27 months


The Government of Uganda through the Ministry of Health (MoH) implemented the third Universal Coverage Campaign (UCC) for the Long-Lasting Insecticidal Treated Nets (LLINs), 2020/2021 which aimed at achieving 85% coverage and 85% net use as an intervention to reduce the burden of Malaria in Uganda.

The primary objective of the PDMs is to monitor the net presence, use, and condition in the beneficiary households over a 27-month period between August 2021 and July 2023, in the 68 districts where AMF funded nets under the Universal Coverage Campaign 2020/21 were distributed. Three (3) brands of nets distributed were, Standard pyrethroid: Mainpol (SafeNet), PBO + deltamethrin: Vestergaard (PermaNet 3.0) and Dual AI: DCT (Royal Guard).

This follows the need to assess the impact of the nets at the household level and to inform future programming by the National Malaria Control Division (NMCD), Ministry of Health Uganda.

The secondary objective is to remind and encourage members of the 204,066 LLINs beneficiary households in 68 districts to properly use and retain their nets.

PDM activities are led by Programme for Accessible Health, Communication and Education (PACE) across 68 districts in Uganda where AMF funded nets were distributed during the 2020/2021 third Universal Coverage Campaign (UCC).

Project Coverage:

The project is implemented in 68 Districts Uganda.

Key achievements for the project included;

  • With increased SBCC on importance of the LLINs, by the end of the 30-month Post Distribution Monitoring, the hang up rate of the LLINs was at 71%, the sleeping space and people coverage rates at 73%; correct usage for the nets available in the households was at 93% while 80% of the nets were still usable.

Fig: Entry Clerk observing net condition at a selected household in round 2 data collection in Terego district