Surveillance, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning System

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) has gained increasing significance in the development work during the last decade, partly due to increasing public demand for measurement and accountability in the use of donor resources.

PACE’s strategic plan (2021 – 2023) has integrated the requirements of a robust M&E system to ensure systematic tracking of investments and progress while promoting a culture of evidence- based planning and decision making. Through collaborations and building of synergies, PACE has set out to strengthening the health sector M&E systems at all levels. PACE continues to build a resilient institutional M&E system through a wide range of capacity development initiatives that include:

  • Training staff and stakeholders in cutting age digital health solutions
  • Supporting system integration of PACE’s digital technology into national systems
  • Championing operational research to inform policy and funding
  • Scaling up digital solutions in all PACE operational and thematic areas.
  • Documentation and dissemination of lessons and experience in the usage of technologies.